5 Guidelines for Responsible Designated Driving During the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, bringing with it the spirit of celebration and revelry. For those considering the role of a designated driver, whether for friends or through volunteer services, here are crucial tips to ensure a safe journey home and potentially save lives.

Prioritize Safety:

As a designated driver, ensure your vehicle is legally equipped and comfortable for the journey. Carry essential documents like your license, insurance, and registration. Additionally, stock up on supplies such as bottled water, paper towels, and mess kits for both yourself and passengers.

Seat Limit Awareness:

Familiarize yourself with the seat limit of your vehicle before picking up passengers. Avoid exceeding the seat belt capacity, as this can lead to fines and increased safety risks. Offer alternatives like calling a taxi or Lyft if additional passengers exceed the limit.

Establish Ground Rules:

Lay down rules for your passengers to maintain a focused and distraction-free driving environment. Emphasize the importance of low-volume music and conversations. Consider encouraging passengers to ride in the back seat for enhanced safety.

Legal Compliance:

Prohibit open alcoholic beverages in your vehicle to avoid traffic violations. Adhere to licensing and passenger restrictions, especially if holding a Novice license. If transporting more than one passenger, ensure a qualified supervisor is present in the front seat.

Stay Sober:

Before committing to be a designated driver, ensure you remain sober throughout the night. If you consume alcohol, arrange an alternative ride for everyone, including yourself. Staying true to sobriety is essential for a responsible designated driving experience.

How to Become a Designated Driver:
Consider two options for designated driving during the holiday season—volunteering for friends and family or joining safe rides programs such as MyDDRide, Operation Red Nose, and ASARide. Maintain your availability and sobriety if committed to being a designated driver for friends and family. Safe ride programs offer on-call services to provide rides, with options for on-demand or pre-booking.

In the absence of a designated driver, explore alternative transportation options like rideshares, TAXI’s, or safe ride programs to ensure a secure journey home for yourself and your passengers. Prioritize safety to contribute to a responsible and secure festive season for all.

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